TAFTA Membership

The national company, TAFTA Ltd was formally de-registered with ASIC as a company on 2nd November 2016. Therefore, TAFTA Ltd. no longer exists and no longer has members.

What remains is Tafta Inc (an association currently run through Larissa Murdock and Bronwyn Packwood).

As well, this website will continue to operate for some time as TAFTA (The Australian Forum for Textile Arts) but without the “LTD” – in other words it is not a company, but a name only. The email address of tafta@iinet.net.au will also continue for some time to come.

Under this revision, ‘TAFTA’ is no longer required to have a Board of Directors, or members, nor is it required to hold Annual General Meetings, as it is not an association or a company.

The TAFTA Ltd archive has been accepted by the State Library of Queensland where it will be housed in the James Hardie Library.