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2017 Ömie Barkcloth Art of Papua New Guinea: 21 November – 9 December 2017 at Aboriginal and Pacific Art Gallery, Wellington Street, Waterloo (Sydney). http://www.aboriginalpacificart.com.au/about-us  New works by senior artists and chiefs of Ömie Artists, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea. This exhibition captures a special moment in time, with much of the art produced by pre-contact artists. Barkcloth is the traditional textile of the Ömie tribe. Women wear nioge (skirts) while men wear givai (loincloths). Barkcloth serves important purposes in marriage, funerary and initiation ceremonies as well as being an integral part of everyday life. Ömie barkcloths are still worn today by men, women and children during traditional ceremonies which can involve feasting and spectacular performances of singing, dancing and kundu-drumming. Nioge have been produced by Ömie women for gallery exhibitions since the cooperative was founded in 2004. Ömie Artists is fully owned and governed by Ömie people. Five Art Centres service artists across twelve villages and each of the centres play a vital role by ensuring that the ancient traditions of barkcloth painting as well as traditional culture remain strong and by providing economic returns to their artists.

Still: National Still Life Award. Sixty-three finalists have been chosen for this $20,000 acquisitive art prize. The selected artworks include painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, ceramics, glass, sculpture, video, printmaking and textiles. Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery 24 November, 2017 to 18 January, 2018.

Biotextilogy: The Cellular Catwalk, Renaissance engineer Professor Melissa Knothe Tate turns art and science on their heads. Having studied engineering in an era of Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided-Manufacturing (CAD-CAM), she has invented a new platform for Microscopy-Aided Design And Manufacture (MADAMe). MADAMe creates scaled-up textiles that mimic the natural cellular weaves of living tissues. This transdisciplinary, interactive exhibition presents her multifunctional textiles and smart materials inspired by nature, tying together the fields of cell biology and textile design on “The Cellular Catwalk” is at the Australian Design Centre, Darlinghurst until Wednesday 15 Nov www.australiandesigncentre.com

    MARION HALL BEST INTERIORS – Museum of Sydney until 12th November. This exhibition colourfully charts the work of Marion Hall Best (1905-1988), one of Australia’s first and most influential independent interior designers, displaying original furniture, fabrics, furnishings and design schemes. Best’s career spanned four decades from the mid–1930s, a period of transition from the department store decorators and art furnishers of the 1920s, to the independent professional designers of today. Her interiors vibrated with bold colours and patterns and a signature of her commissioned interiors was her vibrant glazed painted finishes on walls and ceilings.  Best introduced the latest of international modernism in design to Australians through her shops in Rowe Street Sydney and Queen Street Woollahra, which were an inspiration to the local design profession.  https://sydneylivingmuseums.com.au/museum-of-sydney

 FARAWAY, So Close. With seven artists in three shared spaces, ‘Faraway, So Close’ is a series of exchanges about proximity and distance and the movements in between: a tactile collaboration, drawn together in time, stitch by stitch, line by line, stroke by stroke. Artists include: Kate Beynon, Alan Constable, Bronwyn Hack, Robert Hollingworth, Cathy Staughton, Terry Williams and Gosia Wlodarczak. The venue is Arts Project Australia. Until 2 December, 2017.

The next SHEARWATER Wearable Arts award performances take place on November 8, 9, 10 & 11 at Mullumbimby Steiner School. The overall theme for this year is In the 13th House of Charts & Signs and there is over $8000 in prize money to be awarded over 6 sections. http://www.shearwaterperformingarts.com/in-the-13th-house-2017.html

Untethered Fibre Artists create, exhibit, and document fibre artworks which are related to the title. Each new title builds upon the last and adds to untethered’s evolution and exploration within fibre arts. In this third iteration of the exhibition, artists explore the significances of place, memory, time and states of being in transit through fibre. Free admission. The exhibition continues until 11th November, 10am-4pm daily, at Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre, 25 Edgeworth David Avenue, Hornsby. Contact: Joanna Joyce (02) 98476572. Email: jjoyce@hornsby.nsw.gov.au

COLOURS OF AUSTRALIA is a collection of quilts which originated with Quilt NSW and wil be on display at the Manning Regional Art Gallery in Taree as part of the gallery’s exhibition The Australian Quilt which runs until 26th November 2017. The Colours of Australia quilt exhibition came from a show first displayed in 1994 at QuiltNSW Sydney Quilt Festival held a the Sydney Opera House. From this display of over 100 quilts, 40 quilts were selected for a 5-year tour around Australia with displays in over 300 venues and inclusion in the book “Colours of Australia: Directions in Quiltmaking.”

BAROMETER Gallery at 13 Gurner Street, Paddington Sydney is featuring COLOUR AND TEXTURE until 25th November. This exhibition presents Japanese contemporary textile artist’s work as well as other artist’s textile works influenced by Japanese art. Japanese contemporary textiles and others influenced by Japanese art. Then from 29th November – 11th December there’s KHADI KARMA – This exhibition features Sally Campbell’s new collection of khadi, a handwoven fabric made from hand spun yarns. And from 13th Dec – 3rd February 2018 it’s RED & BLUE Barometer’s annual end-of-year show based on a colour theme. Red and blue are the colours of 2017  – together with all the possibilities these two colours bring -separately and mixed together. Red and blue realized in dyes and pigments, on paper and textiles, when fabricated into abstract images and designs, or observed in nature and seen in the world around us. www.barometer.net.au phone +61 (0)2 93584968, 13 Gurner Street Paddington NSW 2021 AUSTRALIA. The Gallery is open Wed-Sat, 12noon-5pm.

    BUNDJALUNG WEAVING: This ambitious visual arts project will bring together Indigenous weavers from across the Bundjalung Nation to showcase their techniques and celebrate their culture in Lismore as part of Artstate NSW, a project that partners Arts Northern Rivers with Regional Arts NSW from 30th November – 3 December 2017. “Created in the lead up to Artstate our weavers will meet regularly to create a unique weaving installation that will be launched at Lismore City Hall and displayed throughout NORPA’s premiere season of Djurra – a Bundjalung Creation story. The Northern Rivers is home to many Indigenous weaving groups dedicated to reviving ancient weaving techniques and re-establishing and incorporating traditional grasses and reeds from the region. The Wake Up Time women from Casino and Kyogle based Gulibal Living Culture group are just two groups who have been successfully working to retain weaving traditions and to share their work through workshops and exhibitions locally and nationally. The installation will offer a unique insight into the different techniques and materials that have been used in the Bundjalung region for generations.” http://www.artstate.com.au/artstate-arts-program/arts-events/bundjalung-weavings/

     CAMP CREATIVE Inc.  (Bellingen NSW)  8-12 January 2018. Phone: (02) 6655 9326. Web: https://www.campcreative.com.au/  or  https://www.campcreative.com.au/faq-s/bellingen  or https://www.campcreative.com.au/course/index  Several workshops with a Fibre/Textile emphasis are offered. For example, LIZ POWELL (http://www.studio13paper.com.au/) is offering Plant Paper Making and Indigo. Participants will get the opportunity to learn how to make plant fibre paper that can be manipulated using indigo and shibori techniques. Folding, stitching and clamping, dyeing and painting with indigo is a lovely way to combine these two media in both traditional and new ways. Early in the week we will be making our paper using some local fibres harvested from the immediate surroundings and combining it with some prepared oriental plant fibres. Then we’ll play with the wonderful properties of an indigo vat with our Bellingen paper, including making indigo paper string as well as a variety of shapes and sizes of paper sheets. People may decide to stitch their indigo paper into paper quilts or sampler books using original designs or traditional Japanese quilt and sashiko patterns and Japanese albums.

   In addition Alice Spittle will offer Maori Traditional Basket Weaving at Camp Creative; there’s Free Style Felting with Samantha Everett; Indigo & Plant Dyeing with Anne Leon; Natural Dyed and Indigo Shibori with Cathy Moon and Sewing to Fit You with Agnes Lowe. Also Weaving the Natural Way with Mirra Winni Gaza. Details from https://www.campcreative.com.au/course/index

     News from the Japan Foundation: ECO-ANXIETY, continuing until November 4th presents contemporary Japanese and Australian artists and designers responding to the changing environment, to reflect the rising tide of shared (eco) anxiety, and ecological empathy, in the Anthropocene. The Australian landscape serves as a sounding board and metaphor of internalised anxiety in works by Ken and Julia Yonetani, and Hiromi Tango, channelling an empathic dialogue of breath between plants, humans, and landscape. A design response reflecting a societal concern for environmental emergency, Kosuke Tsumura’s FINAL HOME garments encapsulate ideas of ‘prepping’ as catalogues of personal identity for survival. Described as ‘philosophical fashion’, the garments can be pocketed with an evacuee’s unique inventory: from food and ID documents, to soft toys and precious mementos. Drawing on butoh references, performance artist Yumi Umiumare’s AnxieaTEA Pop Up Tearoom invites contemplative audience engagements exploring eco-anxiety. Butoh’s awareness of human suffering and existential meaningless resonates in Umiumare’s tearoom, where the calming exchange over tea stirs deep thoughts. Eco-Anxiety is presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney as part of The Big Anxiety festival. Location: The Japan Foundation, Sydney. Level 4, Central Park 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008.  GALLERY HOURS
Mon-Thu: 10am-8pm; Fri: 10am-6pm; Sat*: 10am-1pm/ Closed *Saturday (Oct 21), Sundays and public holidays.

     The 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial Exhibition Dates: The 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial was launched at the Tamworth Regional Gallery on 14 October 2017 and runs until 10th December 2017. http://www.tamworthregionalgallery.com.au/content/event/5013/OPEN-HOUSE%3A-3rd-Tamworth-Textile-Triennial-2017 The exhibition will be available for tour from 1 July 2018, throughout 2019 until 30 June 2020. Exhibition Curator: Glenn Barkley, co-founder of The Curators’ Department, is a Sydney-based independent curator. He was previously senior curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (2008–14) and curator of the University of Wollongong Art Collection (1996–2007). In 2007–8 he was director and curator of the Ergas Collection. He has a diverse area of interest and knowledge, including ceramics, textiles, public art, artist books and ephemera, outsider art and other marginal art forms, and public and private collection management and development. The panel for the selection of artists in the 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial included: Glenn Barkley, Curator; Bridget Guthrie, Director, Tamworth Regional Gallery; Valerie Kirk, Head of Textiles, Australian National University; Laine Rossler, Independent Artist, designer, curator and arts advisor; Brian Robinson, Indigenous Artist, previously curator at Cairns Regional Gallery. The artists selected for the 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial provide a strong Indigenous, multi-cultural and environmental focus. They include Indigenous artists Treahna Hamm, Carol McGregor, the Noongar Doll Makers of Western Australia, the Gomeroi Gaaynggal Centre and GhostNets Australia. A multi-cultural focus is present in the works by Jeanette Stok and Ema Shin. Environmental responses are represented in the works by Rebecca Mayo, Sally Blake and Raquel Ormella; and conversations about society are evident in the works by Joy Ivill, John Brooks and Meredith Woolnough.

     DLux Media Arts and Community Connect Central West’s #fashtech workshops were organized to combine fashion, design, art and technology to create wearable tech-art. #fashtech is one of the projects supported in 2017 through the Regional Arts Fund. What is #fashtech 2017? A collaborative community event which brings together fashion, design, art and technology to create wearable tech-art. Participants mix materials and technology to design and create garments and accessories; combine clothing, fabric, cardboard and objects whilst learning new digital skills. They will use creative thinking and problem solving while making light, sound and interactive components for their designs. “#fashtech workshops will encourage and assist students to collaboratively design and develop a technology enhanced garment. By utilising a variety of technical skills, students will focus on creative use of everyday technology such as arduinos, circuits, touch sensors, vibration motors, light, sound and music,” creative director at Community Connect Central West Vince Lovecchio said. All works will then form part of a public showcase and exhibition. #fashtech exhibition continues until  Sunday 17 December at Orange Regional Art Gallery. Read more: http://regionalartsnsw.com.au/2017/05/raf-project-fashtech/#ixzz4ijmjXPsM

     SOMETHING / NOTHING is an exhibition of the work of Michael Ripoll, paper cutting, and Jude Skeers, web knitting, that will be held at Braemar Gallery in Springwood NSW from 16th November to 10th December 2017. The works that investigate the space between and explore light / dark, holes / solids, angles, directions, static and rotating images that are seemingly not there and yet in a different light appear.  This is a concept exhibition, investigating and experimenting with old techniques and new materials. Knitted Webs and Paper Cuts will be exhibited in the same space. Jude Skeers – Handknitting is an ancient technique and tradition redefined in wire and glass – cube, dodecahedron, and tetrahedron created from circles. Objects that are not what they appear to be. Jude works with wire, thread, fencing wire and perspex to reinvent his 30 year old iconic web. Old techniques created in modern materials, light reflective ribbon and thread, cotton coated stainless steel wire.  Michael Ripoll – Paper Cuts – first practiced in China around the 6th century, paper cutting relies directly on negative and positive spaces. Michael Ripoll has been exploring images that fleet in and out – on what is there and what is not. The picture changes fleetingly as people walk around or between paper panels – the audience itself becomes part of the picture. Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to interact with the knitted webs and paper cuts which change depending on one’s viewpoint. By using a smart phone, camera or flashlight the viewer will be able to see the works in a different light, literally.

     Presented by Museums & Galleries NSW SOFT CORE  is a major national touring exhibition that opened at Sydney’s Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in December 2016.  Other NSW centres for this touring show are listed below.  As the project title suggests Soft Core seeks to creatively explore notions of ‘softness’ in contemporary art. Curated by UNSW Art & Design graduate Michael Do and drawing together 13 international and Australian artists, the participants each reveal different approaches to ideas and experiences of softness. The results range from large-scale inflatables that spectators are encouraged to interact with, to smooth, small, flesh-like objects. The artists participating in Soft Core include Tully Arnot, Brook Andrew, Mikala Dwyer, Tully Moore, Tony Oursler, Michael Parekowhai, Patricia Piccinini, Todd Robinson, Koji Ryui, Kathy Temin, Louise Weaver, Simon Yates, and Paul Yore – each variously utilises air, inflatable nylon, unfired clay, and plastics bags as examples of materials co-opted for their versatility and mutability between function and emotion. Some of the works in the show are activated through electricity and inflation while others simply inhabit their softness. The exhibition is supported by an extensive catalogue with contributions from writers, curators and directors. See Soft Core in 2018 at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW – 11 August – 28 October 2018.

     LOLO GREENO. Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels is the eighth in The Australian Design Centre’s Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft series. Greeno is a shell worker and artist from Tasmania, whose career spans 30 years. She is an award winning talent in shell-working and the exhibition includes 50 highly visual and textural works, each uniquely championing the traditions and culture of the Indigenous women of Tasmania’s Cape Barren and Flinders Islands. Wagga Wagga Art Gallery until 17 Dec 2017.

     STURT SUMMER SCHOOL 2018 Wednesday 3 to Sunday 7 January 2018.  For 2018, 23 adult courses will be offered, and daily children’s courses. (Material cost for each course is yet to be determined. Accommodation and meals packages are available.)  Julie Ryder is teaching Natural Dyeing; Glenn Skien will offer Print Book Box; Sue Walker is teaching Weaving; Harriet Goodall will teach  Basketry and Valerie Kirk will teach Texture and Tapestry Weaving. As well, Angahard Rixon is offering Texties + Wire: Knit, lace weave. Details from  http://www.sturt.nsw.edu.au/education/summer-school

     Weekly classes at STURT Workshops, Mittagong NSW: weekly classes are offered at Sturt. See www.sturt.nsw.edu.au for full details or contact Sturt Gallery on (02) 4860 2083.

      Special end of year project at STURT: In these hands Ernabella Arts, 70 years of Indigenous art & design. “We have recently received a grant from the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program of the Federal Department of Communication and the Arts of $40,000 to support the development and production of our major end of year exhibition in conjunction with Ernabella Arts Centre in South Australia. This very special project for us will be a celebration of many things – Ernabella’s 70th birthday, the unique residency collaboration that took place between Sturt and Ernabella in the early 1970s and the wonderful contemporary work that is produced now at Ernabella. The funds received will enable us to produce the exhibition to touring standard including a full catalogue and interpretation.” The exhibition will open at Sturt on Thursday 7 December. www.sturt.nsw.edu.au

     Coming up at Liz Jeneid’s workshop: PLANT DYED PAPERS & BOOKS with Liz Jeneid, November 24,25 & 26 . A non refundable Deposit of $50 will secure a place in the workshop and can be mailed to Liz Jeneid, 29-33 Stones Rd., Mt Kembla NSW 2526 Please make cheques out to  Elizabeth Jeneid, or transfer to BSB 732 695  Account 660972.. please identify yourself on the transfer. Please confirm transfer by email to Liz – ejeneid@ozemail.com.au For those of you who live outside the Illawarra area, please note that we have a few extra beds that you can request work with the dyed papers over the weekend. Participants will explore ways  of dyeing & printing papers with plant material & making book structures made with the dyed paper. Cost: $285 for the 3 day workshop plus a materials fee. Tea and coffee will be provided – participants are asked to bring lunch to share. Liz  has been making books since 1990 – they are often shown in conjunction with prints and paintings dealing with the same subject.  www.lizjeneid.net

     2018 – a sneak preview from Liz Jeneid (see information above). January: Tuesday 30, Wed 31, February: Thursday 1, Friday 2, (free day), Sat 3 & Sunday 4,  2018 from 10-4pm each day – a workshop titled ARE WE THERE YET?  (cont) with Tim Winters & Liz Jeneid. “This is a continuation of the very exciting course we ran at the beginning of 2017. Friday, the free day, is market day in Wollongong and a visit to the Wollongong City Art Gallery is possible or you can work in the studio at your own pace. Are we there yet…the journey continues: from Drawing to Artist’s Book Making, with a detour to the little known place Nofussprintmaking… Cost: $600.00 plus a materials fee. A non refundable deposit of $100 will secure a place. (You don’t have to have attended the 2017 workshop to be able to attend.)

Masuda Gallery in Sydney is returning from its hiatus in an exciting new collaboration between Space 145 and Masuda Gallery. This collaboration explores the beauty of handmade Japanese, South East Asian and Oceanic objects and textiles. Our selections honour the refined hand of the traditional craftsman, infused with a deep respect for the organic rhythms of nature. The space is now open, please feel free to drop by. Open:  Thursday to Saturday, Hours: 11:00am-4:00pm or otherwise by appointment. 145 St. Johns Rd. Glebe 2037. Masako: 0466565525 // Sue: 0439374710. www.masudagallery.com // www.space145.com

POP-UP Exhibition (Colour and Texture) by Masuda Gallery: Placing traditional and contemporary textiles side by side, ‘Colour and Texture’ showcases the spirit of Japanese textiles. From fibrous tangles of jute to nuanced indigo hues, this exhibition evokes sensual responses from tactile things – featuring items such as sculptural works, wall pieces, fashion, and jewellery. Masuda Gallery will be presenting this pop-up exhibition at Barometer Gallery (13 Gurner Street, Paddington Sydney) until November 25th. Barometer is open 11am-5pm on Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat or by appointment. Contact Masako: 0466 565 525.

     Unwanted and incomplete quilt projects ARE NOW WANTED: Sydney Textile Artist Soraya Abidin is seeking donations of quilting remnants in any form: blocks, cut pieces, quilt tops and quilts, from Quilters of NSW. The call out for donating materials is in support of Soraya Abidin’s current project, BORN OF. She plans to create new works through exploring the commonality of craft within her bicultural heritage, presenting a Malay/South East Asian presence in Australian quilting. The merging of styles will reflect the transitional face of Australian craft. “These works are an opportunity to story tell of the clash and the unity of a cross cultural identity.” To view Soraya’s work visit Instagram@sorayaartis. To donate please contact Soraya at soaryaartis@gmail.com Call 0432388683 or mail to 35 Lynwood Avenue, Dee Why NSW 2099. All donations will be acknowledged in artwork credits. Donations welcome until mid-January 2018.

     Exhibiting: LOIS PARISH-EVANS with Nature’s Exuberance. Lois subscribes to the view by social researcher Hugh Mackay, articulated in his book What Makes Us Tick, that humans have an inherent desire to connect not only with ourselves and with each other but also with nature. In our busy lives, we often filter out much of the natural environment around us. It becomes ordinary and seemingly unremarkable. We live in an extraordinary world. If we take the time to stop and experience it we can feel a greater sense of connection and appreciation. In the ‘Nature’s Exuberance’ exhibition, Lois shares her vision of the lush growth, the exuberance, the vibrancy, the luxuriance, as well as the colour, pattern, line and structure in nature. She connects to the natural world in the street, the reserve, the bush and in the ocean. Lois sometimes uses artistic licence to playfully add her own creative flair in re-imagining the subject. An example of a leaf or petal design is enriched using colour, pattern, line and structure as she seeks to portray the exuberance, the vitality, the energy, richness and luxuriance of what she sees.

Exhibiting until  5th November at Timeless Textiles Gallery 90 Hunter St, Newcastle East: Kerr Grabowski with Flora and Fauna from Mississippi to Australia.  Exhibiting from 8th November – 3rd December at Timeless Textiles Gallery 90 Hunter St, Newcastle East: Judy Hooworth with Down the Creek. Exhibiting from 6th December – 24th December at Timeless Textiles Gallery 90 Hunter St, Newcastle East: Jan Clark with Insecta.

     Check out all the exciting creative workshops for 2018 at Timeless Textiles Gallery  http://www.timelesstextiles.com.au/page19825/shop.aspx?categoryID=1791

Macarthur Textile Network Inc. presents its biennial exhibition: TEXTILES…. COLOUR DANCE from Wednesday July 4th to Sunday July 15th, 2018 at Campbelltown Arts Centre, 1 Art Gallery Road, Campbelltown. 10am-4pm daily. The official opening will be by Kate Oszko, editor of ‘Down Under Textiles’ at 2pm on Saturday 7th July. This exhibition promises the festive feel of colour and movement. Enjoy a coffee in the Art Centre Cafe and a stroll in the Japanese garden. Macarthur Textile Network Inc. is supported by Campbelltown Arts Centre. Susan Wilson can be contacted for details: iansue@bigpond.net.au

ATASDA’s 2018 PALM HOUSE Exhibition will take place at The Palm House Gallery, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Mrs Macquaries Road from Monday, May 21 May until Friday, 1 June 2018. The theme is The Space in Between.

      ATASDA The Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association NSW branch offers 2 day Workshops and 1 Day Textile Tasters with noted Australian and International tutors on a variety of textile related subjects. Details and enrolment forms for upcoming workshops and tasters are available on the ATASDA website www.atasda.org.au or email the workshop or taster co-ordinators at nswworkshops@atasda.org.au / nswtasters@atasda.org.au. All events (workshops, tasters, General Meetings – usually featuring guest speakers, and social days) are held in Sydney at Dence Park, Epping. Members and non-members are welcome – members attend workshops and tasters at discounted rates. The workshop/tasters program for the next year is announced with great fanfare at the December (1st Saturday) general meeting each year. We will always consider applications by prospective local and interstate tutors. For these and any other general enquiries contact ATASDA NSW at nsw@atasda.org.au or by post at PO Box 1090 Epping NSW 1710.

      ATASDA South is a relatively new and enthusiastic group of ATASDA NSW, which meets in Sutherland on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Members come from the Southern Suburbs of Sydney, Southern Highlands, The Illawarra and down to Berry. More information from ATSADA South Group: www.atasda.org.au www.fibretribe.blogspot.com

     GO CREATE! New England is a textile and art retreat situated in beautiful pastoral country in the New England Tablelands on property owned by well known contemporary lace maker Vicky Taylor and her husband.Ten years ago Vicki built a spectacular studio on her sheep and cattle property that would draw like minded people into a community of creativity. Over the years she has taught contemporary lace making and brought tutors to The Studio from Europe, the US and from within Australia. Apart from the weekly meetings of the lace makers the workshops had been occasional. Now, with the addition of Vicki’s daughter, Kath, doing the technical magic, and Jan Clark as artist-in residence, The Studio can realise its full potential as a creative retreat, offering many creative classes on offer including dyeing, no-rules printing, textile painting, shoe making, contemporary surface embellishment, contemporary lace making, design and personal development. Most have a textile theme but there is also painting, photography, drawing, encaustics, jewellery and felting classes, taught by professionals drawn from the region and abroad.  Participants can choose from classes with on-farm accommodation including meals, or any level of B&B and hotels available in the Uralla/Armidale district. Ph: 0412 351 792 www.gocreatenewengland.com  They are now offering a  “Go Creators” rewards program. It is designed to help those who have lots of workshops on the “to do list” to make it more affordable. Join “Go Creators Rewards” for significant workshop discounts. Pay $200/month for your choice of 6 workshops within a 6 month block. (6 month block will start from first payment). Or pay $1200 up front for your choice of 6 workshops within a 12 month period. Workshops must be chosen at least 1 month in advance, so tutors and Go Create staff have time to prepare. There will be no refunds for missing workshops, however you can opt for another workshop within your time period if proper notice is given. Late workshop changes or workshop cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances will be at Go Create’s discretion and “Go Creators” will have their workshop rescheduled on a case by case basis. Please ring or email us to purchase a Go Creators reward programme. Call Kath: 0412 251 972 or email us at admin@gocreatenewengland.com (mailto:admin@gocreatenewengland.com)