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This NEWS SITE is Updated as closed to the first of each month as is possible. (So if you read in late May, for example, about an event that ended in mid-May).

For more news you can also download the latest TAFTA E-Bulletin HERE (to save this pdf file, right click and select ‘Save Link As…’)
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Have Your Events on This Site

To have information placed in News & Events on the Website: below is the email address to use in providing information about your event – I prefer you do NOT send an attachment – put the information into the body of the email itself, minimal formatting PLEASE. (Having made this plea, I accept that it’s almost universally ignored, but it really is much easier to get, and to use, a clear simple paragraph in the body of an actual email):

The e-bulletin, put out approximately every two months, is a free service (subscribe on the Home Page of this website if you do not already get it). This e-bulletin is reserved for information on successes, awards and recognition, mainly for Australian fibre/textile artists – along with notices of upcoming competitions you may be able to enter. The International news indicates some of the scope of what is happening in Asia, New Zealand, the USA and Europe (without pretending to be comprehensive in this regard) and directs you to international competitions and/or upcoming events for which notification has been received.

The Subscriber-Only Newsletter that accompanies each mailing of ‘Textile Fibre Forum’ magazine is the appropriate place to ask for a listing of upcoming awards, competitions, general notices and so on. Send details as described above, with reference to the deadlines listed on the contents page of each magazine or email