Gallery 159

GALLERY 159: * TAFTA’s dedicated gallery space, is at the back of the property at 159 Payne Road (The Gap, Brisbane) and is not readily visible from the street, but a Large Arrow will guide you. Gallery 159 is open weekends when an exhibition is in place, 11am-4pm, Sat/Sun. It is open weekdays by appointment ring 0432 492 728 or email to confirm your plans.


MAY: Helen McIntosh is staging for her Icon Ladies exhibition until May 29th at 4om. The Icon lady work incorporates all that Chaperone snippedis known by me in Textile, it can be formed from scraps of vintage clothing, it can be rescued from a former mistake, it can be a leftover or experiment from prior endeavors, but each time it flows and ebbs into the life of my work, exhibiting that iconic style of its female form and always portraying its self, either hidden or boldly acknowledging its form. 

Christmas snipped


Seen at right, works by Helen McIntosh: the first image is ‘Christmas’, then ‘Chaperone’, far right. Both these works were purchased at the opening, but a number of excellent choices remain – don’t miss out.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME, all weekend, any time from 11am-4pm at Gallery 159.

The artist Helen McIntosh will have a special morning tea on offer for the final day of the exhibition, Sunday 29th May from 10:30am. So if you don’t get to her show before then, feel free to enjoy it (and a special morning tea) on Sunday, 29th May. RSVP to 3393.5277.


JUNE: ‘The June Wedding’. Some time ago a discussion was held with the artist and former TAFTA Director, Svenja, about celebrating her Sept 2015 wedding at Gallery 159 in winter of 2016. The WEDDING opening/celebration is now set for the afternoon of Sunday, June 19. It’s a party and an exhibition all in one, from 2pm onward – the suggested Dress Code is Veils but anything to do with weddings is fine, from demented to fanciful to elegant – your choice. JUST BE THERE.  (Note: this is a later date than the one originally announced).  No need to RSVP – see you on June 19th!

Postscript: While the Gallery and Grounds will be highly suggestive of wedding activity, the exhibition on the walls at Gallery 159 will be artworks by Nevil Matthews and Annemarie Santorik who were significant members of Brisbane’s Contemporary Art Society and longtime neighbours of Gallery 159. Guests on June 19th will each receive a Wedding Present – an artwork by one of these artists (works on paper, unframed).

Gallery 159 is open on weekends when an exhibition is in place: Sat/Sun,11am-4pm . Other days the gallery is open by appointment: Ring Mob: 0432 492 728 or email: