Editor and CEO

A Brief History of Janet De Boer O.A.M.

My life was extremely conventional (?) until overturned radically by the decision to start a textile magazine for Australia & surrounds. Since starting the magazine for TAFTA in 1981 I’ve been able to create my own updates via a regular column, “In Glass Houses”… and November 2010 saw the 100th edition.

‘Textile Fibre Forum’ magazine is now owned by ArtWear Publications (AWP), and I have moved on to other things after a term of employment with AWP from 2011 until June 2016.

cartoon images of Janet De BoerIt has been a source of great delight to me, bringing together the facts and the fantasy creations, the history and the hopes, the gamut of the textile arts in fact – all for publication. When I started back in 1981 there was nothing remotely like the internet connectivity that now exists. Once it was hard work to source most information, now there is so much available, yet I still believe in the notion of Editors, and the value of print publications.

Besides my long involvement with Textile Fibre Forum (I ceased to be the sole Managing Editor in 2011, as was my wish), I have had the honour of creating the amazing week-long ‘Textile FORUM’ conferences for which TAFTA became well known. The April Textile FORUM had 14 years at Frensham School in Mittagong, NSW; then 7 years at Kinross-Wolaroi School in Orange, NSW – and then it became a non-residential event known as ContextART and moved to the Blue Mountains of NSW – Vanessa Taylor now owns and manages ContextART and is continuing it as an annual series of workshops held each April at Korowal School in the mid-Blue Mountains: fibregirl@bigpond.com.

The second major annual FORUM that was owned and managed by TAFTA was ‘The Geelong FORUM’ which commenced in 2000 and which TAFTA ran for 14 years. It has now moved to the ownership of the Not-For-Profit association known as Tafta Inc; and is run by Larissa Murdock and Bron Packwood. It remains a vital and exciting week to enjoy workshops, talks, installations, exhibitions and… fun!.. It commences near the end of September each year: doublestitched@mail.com

It is an honour to have been the CEO of TAFTA for over twenty-eight years. While that position has now ceased I remain busy with the FIBRE FORUM e-bulletin (subscribe for free on the Home Page of this website) along with a host of other activities. Who mentioned Retirement?! – not me. If you wish to contact me, I’d love to hear: the mobile number is 0432 492 728 and the email is janetdeboer@iinet.net.au