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Contextart 2015

The details of the 2015 CONTEXTART will be available from SEPTEMBER 1st, 2014 at – another collection of excellent workshops will be offered at Korowal School in Hazelbrook, in a 2-day and 4-day format from April 11-16, 2015. Vanessa Taylor ( will be Events Manager and Janet De Boer will assist her (  If you have any questions about Contextart, about the Blue Mountains and/or about possibilities for accommodation, feel free to ask AT ANY TIME, you don’t have to wait. Vanessa lives in the lower Blue Mountains; Janet has been Events Manager for Contextart in the past; they are happy to help.

You can also ask Vanessa about being put on an email list to receive news about courses; she will send you details of the dynamic program by 1st September.