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Contextart 2015

The details of the 2015 CONTEXTART are now available at – another collection of excellent workshops will be offered at Korowal School in Hazelbrook, in a 2-day and 4-day format from April 11-16, 2015. Vanessa Taylor ( is the Events Manager and Janet De Boer will assist her (  If you have any questions about Contextart, about the Blue Mountains and/or about possibilities for accommodation, feel free to ask AT ANY TIME, you don’t have to wait. Vanessa lives in the lower Blue Mountains; Janet has been Events Manager for Contextart in the past; they are happy to help. For questions about workshops and enrolments, be sure to contact Vanessa – for questions about travel and/or accommodation options, Janet is happy to be your Go-To-Girl in case you are looking to share a house or figure out the best way to get to Hazelbrook (0432 492 728 or

You can also ask Vanessa about being put on an email list to receive news updates about courses: