2014 Contextart Tutors & Workshops

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Patricia Black  (ITALY/AUS)
Shibori Draped (2-day)
Shibori Shaped (3-day)

Peter Browne (QLD)
Getting the Best from your Guitar (2-day)
Colour your Writing and Playing for Guitar (3-day)

Teresa Dair (VIC)
Innovative Accessories (Knit/Crochet) (2-day)
Expanding The Options (Knit/Crochet) (3-day)

Kath Danswan (UK)
Making Fabric Jewellery (2-day)
Bowls and Vessels (3-day)

Judy Dominic (USA)
Mud Cloth Dyeing (Bogolan Fini) (2-day)
Taking the Basket Further Naturally (3-day)

Liz Evans (ACT)
Stylish Felt Scarves (2-day)
Sculptured Felt Hats (3-day)

Kay Faulkner  (QLD)
Weaving: East meets West (2-day, 3-day or all days)

Dean Frenkel (AUS)
Harmonic Overtone (throat) Singing (2-day)
The Resonant Voice and Wellness Breathing (3-day)

Kathy Geurts  (NSW)
Zentangle with Polymer Clay Options (2-day)
Polymer and Silver-Clay Pendants (3-day)

Philomena Hali  (NT)
A Scarf a Day: Shibori and Natural Dyes
A Scarf a Day Expanded (3-day)

Gabriella Hegyes  (NSW)
Encaustic Mixed Media (2-day)
Mixed Media Construction (3-day)

Keith Houston  (NSW)
Wood Carving – The Spoon; The Bowl; and More (2-day, 3-day or all days)

Anita Larkin (NSW)
Anita Larkin’s two-day workshop is full at present. You may ask about a waiting list.
Exploring Felt Forms (3D) (3-day)

Hilary Peterson  (NSW)
Dye-Stitch-Print (Fabric and Paper) (2-day)
Dye-Stitch-Print Expanded (3-day)

Celia Player  (TAS)
Stitched Brooches (2-day)
Artwear and Stitched Textiles (3-day)

Asif Shaikh  (INDIA) with Carole Douglas (NSW/NZ)
The Needle’s Eye (2-day)
First, Colour Your Thread (3-day)

Vicki Taylor  (NSW)
Make a Good Start with Lace (2-day)
Larrikin Lace (3-day)

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